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Vodacom Receives Insurance Licences

Vodacom has entered a partnership with Liberty-owned FRANK.NET to market products to its 30-million subscriber base, in addition to that, they have also received licences to sell short and long term insurance according to latest reports. What this means is that Vodacom now has the capacity to underwrite and sell insurance products.

“Our insurance business proposition is simple; we are focused on providing Vodacom customers with unbeatable value. Our customers will benefit from the value and convenience that we are able to offer. The vision is to dissolve the barriers to entry for all South Africans previously unable to access insurance products,” stated Mark Taylor, Managing Executive of Vodacom Financial Services.
Vodacom says it is able to leverage the direct links it has with its more than 30 million customers and significantly reduce the costs that are usually associated with acquiring and serving customers. The savings generated will enable Vodacom reach out to its customers. It should be noted that Vodacom is one of the most respectable and trusted brands in South Africa. This will help Vodacom a lot when it comes to attracting new customers for their insurance products and services.

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