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Globacom To Start $750m Network Upgrade

Nigerian-based mobile operator Globacom has started an upgrading drive of its current network, and announced that they have signed a $750m contract with Chinese ICT solutions provider  Huawei Technologies.
Globacom has started an upgrading drive of its current network (image: file)
“It is our 10th anniversary and we have been the network of choice for Nigerians because of the unprecedented manner with which we pioneered various technologies and products in the market. We are upgrading in order to continue to serve them better,” said Globacom’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed Jameel.
Jameel added that the current network will be upgraded ten-fold, and will include the overhaul of infrastructure.
“After 10 years in business, we decided to upscale our network ten- fold to the very latest technology in global telecommunications. The massive expansion project will involve network upgrade and overhaul of infrastructure across the country as well as expansion and densification projects that will on completion in six months enable the network to cater more for its existing and potential subscribers,” he said.
Huawei added that the project is the biggest network expansion that they have been involved with in Nigeria, and look forward to the challenge.
“This is a huge expansion project. We promise Globacom and its teeming subscribers that we will meet their expectation and deliver a network they will all be proud of. Globacom is definitely going places”, said David Fan, Huawei’s Vice President, West Africa.
According to Leadership, “under the partnership, Globacom will build new switches, increase mobile switching centres to ease congestion and construct additional 4,000 km of optic fibre cable which will complement the existing fibre optic facility which is the most extensive fibre coverage of Nigeria.”
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