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Tanzania To Draft New ICT Laws

As technology allows more users to conduct business and transact online, Tanzania has recognized the need to formulate better ICT laws to protect users against with the growth of cybercrime and other computer-related offences. 

“We are in the consultation process with various experts and we hope by the end of the year we will be through, and forward the matter to relevant processes and eventually we will have laws in place,” said Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology, Dr Zaipuna Yonah.
Yonah conceded that while a vast number of online transaction are made on a daily basis, Tanzania does not have the right laws in place to protect all users. “So many people are now using mobile phones, almost half of the country’s population, and so many transactions are being made online and yet our legal control is much limited,” he added.
According to Tanzania Daily News, “he added that with the country’s national ICT backbone well spread out, so many challenges related to cyber were inevitable and the legal systems need to be strengthened. He called on business operators and investors to ensure that their companies are being run responsibly.”
Yonah stressed that Kenya does have cyber laws, but it lacks the focus on security, which in important to online users.
“We want to ensure secure businesses, investments and make sure that our people stay safe in this technological world. In Kenya they have ICT law but it is not focused on cyber security, I am glad that Tanzania is leading the way and other countries will follow. We are helping participants to put in place systems that works and we have technologies that can help prevent some of the crimes especially those involving stealing money from ATM machines.”
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