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Vodacom Tanzania launches solar phone charging

Vodacom Tanzania has unveiled a new phone charging product for the Tanzanian market that will use solar and bicycle charging options.

ReadySet mobile chargers were launched in partnership with Fenix International.

“There are millions of Tanzanians who do not have access to electricity, most of whom live in rural areas. With the introduction of ReadySet mobile chargers, they are set to charge their mobile phones and keep in touch with their loved ones,” Vodacom Tanzania Managing Director Renee Meza said.
                                                                  Vodacom Tanzania launches solar phone charging

He also lauded the product, calling it a breakthrough in mobile phone use in the country because it will keep phone users on the service.

The reach of electricity has been a hindrance to the mobile penetration rate in Africa, with rural areas having limited access to electricity.

Research by GSMA in February this year concluded access to electricity affects mobile coverage in Tanzania.

“The large majority of the population lives in rural areas (approximately 76 percent) where grid power distribution and reliability remains poor. Even where accessibility is an option, affordability for (formal) grid connectivity is an obstacle,” the report said.

Hope this project been launched by vodacom Tanzania is going to save millions of Tanzania in rural areas.

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