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Singida’s Telecommunication mast project underway in Tanzania:

Fourteen villages in Tanzania’s Singida Region will receive more than US$451,100 for a telecommunication masts project, in a bid to spread communication infrastructure across the country.  
                                                                                Singida’s Telecommunication mast project underway

Charles Kitwanga, deputy minister in the vice president’s office, said government was continuing the estimation process with Universal Communication Access Fund (UCAF) to determine various communication needs, reported Daily News.

Kitwanga said the allocated villages in Singida Region which will benefit from the project include Ihanja, Mgungira and Muhintiri.

“The aim is to fast-track economic development in these areas through communication,” he said.

Around US$166,000 has been allocated to Mgungira ward, which has three villages, and US$178,000 for Mwaru ward. All the masts will be built by Airtel.

Tigo was awarded the tender to construct masts in Muhintiri with the area receiving US$107,100 for its six villages.

Kitwanga said the Ministry of Communications, Science, and Technology was partnering with various networks to improve the services quickly.

By Daily News

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