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Vodacom Tanzania and GNLD in M-Pesa DEAL

Nutritions company GNLD will now allow its Tanzania customers to pay for products through M-Pesa thanks to a deal with Vodacom Tanzania and GNLD.

Vodacom Tanzania and GNLD in M-Pesa deal

It is also hoped the deal will increase the safety of transactions for customers.

"M-Pesa is a service that is safe and fast. With this partnership, you will not need to carry around money. All you need to do is make use of M-Pesa to make the payments," said Rukia Mtingwa, Vodacom Tanzania’s corporate communications manager.

GNLD ‘s Tanzania country manager, Daniel Mutiso, promised GNLD would maintain the highest level of quality as far as products are concerned so as to maintain good health for everyone in addition to providing opportunities for earning extra income.

"This partnership is the first of its kind in this market. We are happy to launch it today because it shall go a long way in helping everyone in this country," said Mutiso.

Around 46 other countries have adopted M-Pesa.

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