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MCL, vodacom in news partnership “breaking news” initiative

Dar es Salaam. You can now get the latest news from within and outside Tanzania via your mobile phone, thanks to the “Breaking News” initiative, a brainchild of Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) and Vodacom Tanzania.

To join the service one should send the word HABARI or NEWS to 15569 only once.

MCL, publisher of Mwanachi, Mwananchi Jumamosi, Mwananchi Jumapili, The Citizen, The Citizen on Saturday, The Citizen on Sunday and Mwanaspoti newspapers, becomes the latest media firm to team up with Vodacom Tanzania to offer customers with instant and timely news reportage.

The initiative, according to MCL managing director Tido Mhando, aims at ensuring that Tanzanians, regardless of their whereabouts, receive the latest breaking news through SMS in their phones connected to Vodacom network.

“Previously, people depended on newspapers to obtain latest news, but due to technological changes newspapers no longer break news, they only give in-depth analyses of what happened, so as a leading media firm in Tanzania we are taking our leading role to ensure that people are updated and confirmed on breaking news,” said Mr Mhando.

The SMS alert is designed in such a way that the customer will only subscribe once and get at least three short messages 24 hours a day, this will be credible as per communications ethics.
Nearly half of the 28 million mobile subscribers in Tanzania are on the Vodacom network – a 47 per cent market share, this is according to figures from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).
“For that reason, the company has invested heavily in the operation starting with infrastructure and staff who will be breaking the news,” said Mr Muhando.

For his part, Mr Rene Meza, the Vodacom Tanzania managing director said that by registering with the breaking news initiative they will enable Tanzanians to receive instant news.

“With this initiative our customers will have access to news instantly after they break,” said Mr Meza.

According to Rene Meza, the cost for the service will be Sh150 only per day.

Already, the monitoring room is designed and well equipped with necessary infrastructure to make the innovation run successfully.

By The citizen

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