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Vodacom Tanzania,Thousand's reached by telecoms in Bukuba

Kigoma, Over 17,000 citizens of Bukuka village, Buhigwe district in Kigoma region will now enjoy telecommunications services following the network expansion done by Vodacom Tanzania last weekend.

Launching of the services in that village will provide ample opportunities to people living on the peripheral of the newly Buhigwe district to improve their lives through development activities such as communication, business and the state of security in the area.

Speaking during the launching ceremonies on behalf of Regional Commissioner, the District Commissioner of Buhigwe, Charles Gishuli noted that the telecommunications services in the area is vital due to its geographical area, he hopes to see a great improvement in economic activities in the region such as agriculture, livestock keeping and business.

“Bukuba depends much in business activities whereby it produces bananas and livestock which are traded to people in Tabora and Katavi regions as well as in Burundi. Today is a wonderful day for all of us due to the landing of Vodacom services in our premises, from now on I can see it will be much easier to get information from the market and fellow traders.” Said Gishuli and added that, “It is very risk to conduct business without getting proper information, through communication you will cut down costs of travelling and hence get much profit.”

“We all know that banking systems is a bit challenge in the area something hinders financial transactions but that will be a history with the arriving of Vodacom’s M-Pesa. Estimations indicate that it costs somebody almost TSh. 30,000/- seeking for banks which most of them are located in Kasulu district and Kigoma urban. That huge amount of money is lost every day while it could be useful somewhere else.” Said Gishuli.

The district commissioner explained that being on the boarders of the country the state of security is a matter of great concern.

“Everyone is aware of how security is challenging around this area, I urge you do not hesitate to call me, since we have got communications services please contact me directly whenever you notice something that could harm our safety.” Added Gishuli while announcing his number publicly.

Gishuli concluded by insisting on the importance of communications in strengthening security systems since the authorities will be able to get criminal information or alerts from the people as well as the neighboring countries. He also urged banks to take that opportunity to partner with M-Pesa and expand their activities in rural areas due to the ongoing tremendous growth of economic activities across the country.

On his side Vodacom’s External Public Relations Manager, Salum Mwalim said that the launching of the company’s services in Bukuba village is its continuous network expansion activities to make sure the Tanzanian rural population is covered with communications services.

“We will make sure that all these areas seem to be abandoned are network covered to enhance development activities such as agriculture, livestock keeping and business. There are a lot opportunities from communications services and I hope you will embrace them to improve your lives.”  Said Mwalim and added that, “A few years back people perceived communications to be luxurious activity but now it a must thing that everyone should possess.”

Mwalim finalized by saying “Vodacom will continue to follow the customers wherever they not regarding the distance. Our plans do not only dwell in urban areas but also rural areas because we believe in those areas lies a lot of forgotten opportunities. I urge people of Bukuba to make well use of our services to improve your earnings as well as be part of developing our country economically.”

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