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Airtel supports e-Learning programme

TEACHERS and students at Ibiri and Ilongalulu secondary schools have expressed their delight for incorporating ICT in their studies as a result of partnership between Airtel and the Millennium Village Project.

Ibiri and Ilolangulu secondary school in Tabora Region and are being supported by Connect to Learn Programme. Airtel provides (3G) mobile communication coverage for the programme and supports monthly data bundles for both schools.

The head master of Lolangulu Secondary School Mr Cleophas Bugombo said yesterday that: “We are truly grateful for this initiative as it enables us to access additional teaching materials.
“We also have the opportunity to connect our student with other students from across the globe via platforms like Skype where they learn and share experiences.

“This is very valuable programme in broadening their minds that there is more to the world than what they see on daily basis.”
Millennium Village Project Director Dr Gerson Nyadzi said; “By investing in 3G internet connectivity and providing monthly data bundles, Airtel has facilitated Connect to Learn and its technology partners to bring global connections to thousands of students from under-resourced schools in rural areas who would otherwise have scarcely a chance to explore the world beyond their hometowns and villages.”

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