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Kenya to receive M-SASA mobile payment platform

Dubai Bank Kenya has revealed a partnership with Rapid Communications. The partnership aims to launch a mobile banking platform called M-SASA.

According to both parties, M-SASA will allow clients to check their balances, request mini-statements, deposit and withdraw cash as well as transfer funds to other accounts from their mobile devices. The bank’s customers will also be able to track the progress of loan applications and pay bills when utilising the service.
Hassan Zubeidi, chairman of Dubai Bank Kenya, stated that: “Banks can no longer ignore the unbanked population and the only way to capture the masses is by moving banking to mobile. Rapid Communications will also maintain Dubai Bank’s mobile banking service and to assist in expanding its customers base with various innovations from its Mobile Financial Services.”
The company is currently working on a similar project for KUSCCO, which will see SACCO transactions move to the mobile platform that has been named “KUSCCO Pay.”
Source: ITNews

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