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Tanzanian Residents Call For Training On 3G

Locals have identified training in telecommunications technology as a critical need and issued the request during a recent Vodacom 3G rollout campaign.
A resident of Mbezi Kimara, Dar es Salaam, Wenselaus Agola expressed his concern that the country may fall behind in the advancement of technology due to a lack of knowledge.
Tanzania Daily News quotes Agola as saying, “”The world is changing rapidly and we have to be part of this change, without this the future of our country is not certain. Some of us cannot afford going back to school to study technology but the government and telecom firms can support us with some basic knowledge.”
According to the report VodacomTanzania is the first operator to provide 3G technology access to customers with a sizeable investment in additional 3G base stations.
There is also concern amongst residents that a lack of understanding of technology could alienate large groups of people in the country.
By ITNews

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